When the whole world is going digital it is time even for agriculture to go digital. This is the first step of digitizing the agricultural sector by digital marketing and sales of agricultural products. Let us all use the power of digital world to sell and buy agricultural products through "growersandbuyers.com", because GROWERS AND BUYERS is the only place where growers can get best price for your agricultural products and buyers can get best crops for the competitive price you offer. it is a hassle-free market for all the growers and buyers.


How to buy or sell:-
1. Growers(farmers) and Buyers should register (free of cost) by filling few mandatory informations.
2. Growers(farmers) should login to website as GROWER using your login credentials and update the product you have for selling and wait for the buyers to call.
Buyers should login to website as BUYER using your login credentials and update price for the products.
3. Buyer who quotes the maximum price within a pre-defined time gets to buy the product (sellers details) he is interested in by paying our fee.